Sunday, 8 February 2009

Norene 810 Catalogue Advertisement 1930's

Norah Wellings
This advertisement is from an early 1930's Norah Wellings Catalogue showing Model 810 and the sizes she was available in. She appears in 3 catalogues. Only black and white photo's are used. She does not appear in the 1936 Cataloge so this model must have been discontinued by then. If you click on this photo you will see a larger image. Please take a look at the wonderful photo Ann Willis has shared with us of this rare model.


  1. Hi, I have 3 Norah Welling dolls and I love them! how great to find your blog page as I really dont know much about them, would it be possible if I emailed you their details you would tell me their names and more about them? thank you

  2. Hello,
    Thank You for your comment. I would love to see your dolls. You just need to put your email address in a comment to me ( I will not publish it) then I can send details of the email address to send photo's to. I look forward to seeing them and hope I can help in identification.

  3. Hello Again,

    You can now contact me with your photo's directly just email me at
    I look forward to seeing them.

    Very best Wishes