Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Norah Wellings Character Bunny Rabbits.

Well Easter is nearly upon us so I thought I would show a few Norah Wellings Bunny Rabbits.The rabbits are from the Novelty Animal range.

The first rabbits pictured are my favourites. They are both model 561 and were only made for a few years in the early 1930's and discontinued by 1936. They are fantastic characters and dressed typical of the time as if in their lounge suits. Both are 13 inches tall to the top of their ears. They are made of wool plush with glass eyes, the lighter one having clear glass eyes and the other brown ( these are original). Most of the velvet outfit is an integral part of the body except for the body part of the jacket which is infact sleeveless and removeable but matching the arms. They both have different buttons on their outfits and they are original with a Norah Wellings label on the bottom of the foot. I bought the lighter one many years ago and found the other one recently, how happy they were to find each other not to mention me, especially being different colours. Although I have a black and white picture in one of the earlier catalogues only the model number is mentioned.

The next picture is of a rabbit called 'Bunty' model K60. He was made in 5 sizes from 7 to 25 inches. Again made of wool plush with glass eyes and velvet clothing as an integral part of his body. Only his head is jointed. He appears in the 1936 catalogue but not in any of my other catalogues. I love the way he looks very distinguished. He reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, just needs his pocket watch!

I have also pictured with the Nightdress Cases Model 970 made in the early 1930's and 18 inches tall. Made of wool plush with glass eyes and velvet outfit and skirt to hold the nightdress.These also came wth felt or other material for the skirt.Norah Wellings label is on the foot.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these Bunny Rabbits. Norah Wellings did make other models and some are featured in my book.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Easter!

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