Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Norah Wellings Teddy Bears

Don't worry I haven't forgotten all of you who are interested in Norah Wellings Soft Toys. I have to say the Animals are my favourites.

The Norah Wellings Teddy Bear came under the Novely Animals in the catalogues. He was called 'Bear' and he was model 570. He first featured in the early 1930's catalogue. Only his head is jointed and I have found them made of wool plush and mohair plush. He was a dressed bear with his clothes being an integral part of his body. The clothing was either completely made of velvet or a check cotton shirt( last model is featured on page 95 of my book).

They were made in 7 sizes between 8 inches and a huge 36 inches tall.It is interesting to note in 1936 you could buy a dozen 14 inch bears for 40/- ( equals £2 which in this day and age is £73.96p!). The only bear sold individually was the 36 inch bear for 21/- ( equals £1.05 which is £37.75 in todays money).

The top bear pictured is in wonderful condition and is the only one I have seen so far made of mohair plush. He is 16 inches tall with glass eyes. He has his Norah WEllings label on the base of his foot.

The two bears pictured together are the two smallest sizes made in the late 1930's. The one dressed in mustard is 8 inches and the one in red 9 1/2 inches tall. They both have their Norah Wellings label on the bottom of the foot.Both are wool plush with the smallest one being very well loved!

Also in the Novely Animals was a small standing Bear and Polar Bear. The Bear was model 5116/0 but I do not have the model number for the Polar Bear. They were made in the 1930 and 1940's, both around 3 inches tall. I have seen the Bear with glass eyes but have only seen the Polar Bear with embroidery eyes.

Norah Wellings also made a Teddy Bear NightDress Case in the 1930's and 40's. He was also called 'Bear'model 973B .They came in one size 17 inches and were made of wool plush and have been found with either, art silk, felt or velvet base skirts to carry the nightdress.

During the early 1950's a bear was introduced with washable fur, once again he was not jointed and wore cotton removeable dungarees ( page 99 of my book).

It is interesting to note there were no Teddy Bears featured in the last few catalogues of Norah Wellings.


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