Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rare Norah Wellings Japanese Dolls

I thought I might share a couple of Rare Japanese Norah Wellings Girls that I have in my collection. They were both made before 1936 and appear to have been discontinued by the 1936 catalogue.

The top doll is a Norene Model 848. She is the smallest size 12 inches and they were made in various sizes. This little girl has a wonderful felt face with painted Asian features. She has the usual zig zag stitching at the back of her head with separate ears. She is completely made of felt including her body. Her head and legs are jointed but her arms are sewn on. Her hands are sewn mitt style This appears to be a feature of the smaller model. ( On page 115 of my book you can see the face of a larger 18 inch Norene Japanese Girl, her body is cotton, fully jointed and her middle two fingers were joined together).This smaller girl has a black mohair wig in a bun at the back.
She is wearing her original floral pink cotton teddy underwear. Her Kimono is felt with felt applique shapes and a felt tie around her waist. Her orignal felt strap shoes have quilted soles. In her hair she has lovely felt flowers on on both sides

The next girl is a Novelty Doll Model 230. Once again this is the smallest size 12 inches and they were also made in 15",19" and 37 inches. She has a velveteen Head, separate ears and painted features. Lovely black mohair wig in a bun at the back. Her body, legs and upper arms are cotton with velveteen mitt hands. Only her head is jointed, arms and legs sewn on.
She is wears a white cotton Teddy as underwear. Lovely original velveteen Kimono with applique felt shapes sewn on and a felt tie around her waist. She also has original socks and felt shoes. Felt Flowers adorn her hair on either side.

It is interesting to note that these models can be found with either mohair or wool strand wigs. There can also be variations on material used for clothing. I have added a photograph of a Japanese Nightdress Case at the side which shows the wool wig. I hope you enjoy seeing these lovely Rarer Norah Wellings Dolls