Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Norah Wellings Baby Jolly Toddlers

I thought you might like to see two rare Norah Wellings babies from my collection. These wonderful Twins are Norah Wellings Jolly Todders and are model 2129. They were made from about 1939 to early 1940's. They are only 10 inches tall and quite chubby. They have felt heads with painted features. The hair is air brushed and they have separate ears. Only the head is jointed. Arms and legs are velvet and they have a cotton body. Both wear original organdy dresses, cotton pants and knitted booties. The bonnets were made later, the original ones would have been organdy to match their dresses. Both have Norah Wellings labels on the inside of their wrists. I have shown a picture taken from the 1939 catalogue. Wonderful pair so cute.

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  1. These are sweet, and they must be lovely to handle - which is one of my favourite things about Norah Wellings dolls