Thursday, 14 January 2010

Norah Wellings and Cinderella Plastic Shoes

I am sure many collectors when buying a Norah Wellings doll with plastic shoes would think they can't possibly be original.....well they are. Norah Wellings used them in the early 1950's on most of her Norene Models and also on some smaller National Dolls.If you have not seen these shoes before they have Made In England, Cinderella and a number written on sole of the shoe corresponding to the size of the shoe. I have taken two photo's from a 1950's catalogue showing some Norene Models, as you can see only one doll out of seven is wearing felt shoes, all the others are the are plastic Cinderella shoes. I do not know why they were used and can only guess that perhaps Norah Wellings thought she would use shoes more like a child's. It must have been cheaper to make the felt shoes so I can't see the cost being the reason unless she was given a huge selection of them. Anyway the next time you see a 1950's Norah Wellings doll with plastic shoes don't take them off and make felt ones as they are probably original this also means if you wish to replace any shoes on the Norene Dolls I have shown in this catalogue buy plastic Cinderella ones.


  1. Hi Gillian,

    I've been given a Nora Wellings 15 inch doll wearing a black velvet riding cap, old-style English breeches, a red coattails over a white ascot and yellow vest, with silver ball buttons. She wears black knee high riding boots and carries a wooden riding crop. Her short brown hair is sewn on in strips. Her torso is cloth. Limbs are jointed and made of felt.
    Do you know how old she is? I haven't been able to find one like her on the web.
    I would like to sell her. Thank-you.


    Sheila Edmonds,
    from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  2. Hello Sheila,
    Your doll is a Norene model number 825. Introduced in 1936 and made into the 1940's. Yours is the smallest size and good that it still has the riding crop. Condition plays an important part in the price these dolls. I will post your comment here as you have suggested and hopefully someone may be interested in contacting you regarding the purchase of her.
    Kind Regards