Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Pirates Are Coming!

Norah Wellings made a few different Pirate models and they were made from the mid 1930's. They were not seen in any other catalogues after 1940. Nearly all the Pirates were part of the Norah Wellings Novelty Dolls Range and they had painted features with outfits as an integral part of their body.

The only other pirates I have seen to this date that are not from the Novelty Range are two large 33 inch Norene models used for Shop Window Displays and I do not think for general sale to the public as they are not in any catalogues.One is Black Beard and the other Captain Hook but they will be added in the next article.

There are always exceptions to the rules when finding the Norah Wellings Pirates sometimes their outfits differ to those in the catalogue. I have seen model K40 holding a wooden pistol rather than a cutlass ( you will notice in the last photo K41 holds a pistol). Different fabrics are sometimes used. I have also seen model K39 without facial hair. So you never know what you might find.

Wonderful 'Pirate', model K40 in all his splendour.He was also shown in the 1936 catalgue. Very realistic face that would scare the enemy. His head is velvet and he has a felt coat, unlike the other models he has shoes as an integral part of his foot with buckles on the front. He is holding a wooden cutlass, he was only made in one size 16 inches.

Lady 'Pirate', model K41 she has lovely bright clothes and large felt boots. She has a velvet head and is a variation of the model with a scarf wrapped around her waist.

This photo shows a pirate I have not been able to find in any catalaogues.He is 15 inches tall with velvet head and he has a smiling mouth showing his teeth. He has the same body construction and boots as model K39.

This photograph shows two pirates from the 1936 catalogue. First is model K39 he is very unusual and rare to find with original painted mustache and small beard. His felt boots can be removed and he usually has his label on his foot not on his boot. He carries a wooden cutlass. He was only made in two sizes 11 1/2 inches and 15 inches. Next is model K41, the only model with a mohair wig usually in the form of a bun over each ear and as she wears a skirt she must be the female pirate although the catalogue only states 'Pirates' and their model numbers not gender. She also carries a wooden pistol.

I do hope if anyone out there has any pirates to share you will send me photo's so I can add to this article. If you do please email to

Press on any of the photo's to see an enlarged version.

My Pirate Article isn't quite finished yet as I have mentioned above I will be adding the dreaded Pirates 'Black Beard' and 'Captain Hook' in the next article. Happy Hunting

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