Friday, 11 March 2011

Norah Wellings 'Quips' The Jester

These are one of my favourite Norah Wellings Characters. The Jesters are called 'Quips' and are model 219 and as you can see by my photo's there are two different faces with one having a winking eye looking more mischievous than the other but both have the same name and model number. I wonder if Norah Wellings thought the winking face a little scary for a child and varied with the more subtle face so customers had a choice? We will never know.It appears the winking model may have been introduced first in 1930 and it is only the winking model shown in the catalogues right up to 1936. Quips is not seen in a catalogue after this date. A photo taken at the Norah Wellings stand at the British Industry Fair in 1933 shows both face variations. In the 1930's catalogue Quips is available in three sizes 18, 23 and 27 inches and by 1933 a smaller 10 1/2 inch Quips was also available. Please note that there can always be some variation in sizes. All 'Quips' have painted features with their clothing being an integral part of their bodies. Only the head is jointed and they are made using velvet and felt. They are amazing characters and I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Mischievous Winking Eye Quips first introduced in 1930 and made along side the open eye version until 1936

Pair of Norah Wellings Quips The Jester model 219. The smaller one is 10 1/2 inches introduced in 1933.They were only made with the pom pom decoration on the hat and they did not have the pixie like shoe. The larger doll is 17 inches with earliest Norah Wellings label under his foot from 1930.He has one hand sewn to his leg.

Photo from the last catalogue Quips appeared in 1936.

'Quips' are very hard to find as they were only made for a few years so good luck in your search.


  1. Did Norah Wellings make any hanging ornaments? I have an old dutch girl doll head with a ribbon loop on top for hanging.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your enquiry. I have nor seen an Norah Wellings hanging ornaments but some of the Handkerchief Cases do have a ribbon to hang them. Your Dutch girl might be one of these. If you send a photo to my email I can confirm whether yours is one. Thank you once again
    Kind Regards