Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rare Norah Wellings Norene Skier

I was amazed to open my email today and find these wonderful photo's from a fellow collector Pat asking me if I had any more information on this doll. I was able to tell her she is Norah Wellings Doll from the Norene Series but I have not seen this rare outfit before. I have always wondered if Norah Wellings made a complete sports series of dolls like the Italian Company Lenci produced. I have only seen a Norene Boy and Cora Girl and Boy Series Golfer with cloth bag and wooden clubs and a Norene Boy Horse Rider with Riding Outfit and Whip,these dolls are seen in the Norah Wellings Catalogues. Now after seeing this amazing doll the questions remains did Norah Wellings make any other Norene Children dressed for sports with sports equipment? Could this doll have been a special order? I have seen a photo of a Norene doll reported as being made to represent Sonia Henie the famous Ice Skater ( no ice skates) but I can't prove this in any archives. Norah Wellings also made smaller 8 inch Novelty dolls dressed for skiing and ice skating ( I have not seen them in my catalogues but have photo's of them).I am hoping there might be other collectors out there who are willing to share any Norah Wellings Norene Dolls they might have dressed for sports with their equipment, please email me so I may share them with other collectors and add to my archives. I will share these and other Dolls dressed for sports with their equipment later in this journal.

Now back to this gorgeous Norene Girl. She is 18 inches tall and has felt face and limbs with cloth body. She has her Norah Wellings label to her wrist. She wears a wonderful felt outfit consisting of a hat that wraps like a scarf around her neck, jacket, trousers, boots and she has wooden ski poles attached to her mittens.I would say she was made in the 1940's and in wonderful condition. If I find out any more information about her I will add to this description. Thank you so much to Pat for allowing me to use her in my Journal.

Please contact if you have any unusual Norah Wellings Dolls you would like to share. Thank you.

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