Saturday, 29 October 2011

Norah Wellings, Memories Day at Arleston,Shropshire,U.K.

I was honored to be asked to speak at a Memories Day by Joanna Deacon organized by the Arleston Residents Association about Norah Wellings on the 15th October 2011. Councillor Angela McClements had the idea of a Memories Day to honour those who have come from the area and have achieved so much and this in turn brings together the Community. Norah Wellings was born and lived in Arleston all her life and many of her employees at The Victoira Toy Works worked and lived around the area. Leonard Wellings, Norah's Brother and Partner in the Company also lived in Arleston. The Memories Day bought together Norah Wellings Family, Former Workers and Residents. It was wonderful to meet all these people and renew old acquaintances who helped me with my book on Norah Wellings. I have never given a talk before and was very nervous but I needn't have been as everyone really helped to put my mind at ease. Some of the Residents had made beautiful cakes and goodies for everyone to share, what a treat they were. The day was so well organized and everyone worked very hard, it opened at 11am and closed at 4p.m.
Some people bought in items made by Norah Wellings and they were kindly loaned to be put on display for the day and others who had fond memories of working for Norah Wellings or who knew her wrote their experiences in a Memories Book. It was a fabulous day and I have added some of the photographs here from the day and will add more later. A Big Thank You here to all those who invited me from the Arleston Residents Association and helped with the day it was a great success and I wish them many more wonderful Arleston Memories Events.
The pictures show some of the Norah Wellings items on Display. There is also a photo of Mrs Hassall who worked for Norah Wellings and I met on the day. In one hand she is holding the letter from my book regarding 2 weeks notice being given due to the closing of the Factory. In the other hand a 1950's Norah Wellings Teddy Bear also shown in my book, this bear still has his original box and he was given to Mrs Hassall from Norah as a present upon her leaving. I also have to mention that the wrong credits were given in my book, Mrs Jean Hassall should have been given the credit under both items but I am afraid I was given the wrong information at the time of printing, so thank you Mrs Jean Hassall for letting me share this photo and your wonderful story about them.
I was given a lovely ceramic gift from the Arleston Memories Group and you can see me pictured with the very talented local artist Sharon Griffin who made the gift. Such a wonderful surprise.
I will add more photo's later

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