Sunday, 27 January 2013

Norah Wellings Finds From 2012

For my first article of the New Year I have decided to share the four Norah Wellings I added to my own collection in 2012. I had promised myself not to buy anymore as I downsized my collection many years ago but once a collector always a collector. When I saw the Norah Wellings original box for sale I was hoping it was just the colour that was different from the orange one I already had. On closer inspection it also had different dolls pictured so I had to have it. It is from the 1930's and measures just over 11" long and 9" wide and features a photograph of the 'Novelty Dolls' series consisting of six dolls, Mexican Boy 'Panchito' model K20, Dutch Boy model K25, Islander 'ZuZu' model 109,Swedish Boy model K35,Dutch Girl model K24, Soldier model K44. The box has number 1002 printed on the front and it would normally contain the models that are shown. In 1936 this box and the six dolls pictured would have sold for 8 shillings . The dolls were 8 to 9 inches tall, this is interesting because the Dutch Dolls and the Mexican shown are photo's of 13 and larger size dolls, when they are found to be 8 to 9 inches they look slightly different than those photographed. There is also handwriting with 'Birds' written on the front of this box so it may have contained Norah Wellings Birds. Customers could order different models and I am sure sometimes these boxes would be used and contain different dolls or animals to the ones pictured. You can see my orange Norah Wellings box in an article in this journal dated Sept 2009 in older posts click on the side bar side bar 'More Articles On Norah Wellings Products'.
You have already seen this little Spider Monkey in my Merry Christmas and Happy New Year picture. Although I haven't found him in my catalogues and he does not have a label I did see him in the Norah Wellings Family Collection. He is 7 1/2 inches long with his legs stretched out but not including his paws. He is made of Alpaca Wool with felt mask face, felt eyes and ears and felt tail coat, tie and hat. His legs, arms and tail have wire armature so he can bend easily, not jointed. There is a Spider Monkey in the 1936 catalogue model 131 but he does not have any clothes on and is a little smaller at 6 inches tall but he has the same bendy limbs and single felt hands and feet. There is a larger larger monkey in the 1940's catalogue with the same clothes on, model 4110 but he is not bendy and has formed hands and feet and some have glass eyes. The Spider monkey shown here is 7 1/2 inches long with his legs stretched out but not including his paws. He is made of Alpaca Wool with felt mask face, felt eyes and ears and felt tail coat, tie and hat.
Rare Pink and White Rabbit from the Norah Wellings 'So-Soft' Series made in the late 1920's , model 410 and he came in sizes 10,12,14,18 and 20 inches in height . The 1929 catalogue does not state what colours they were made in but they were of Beaver, Plush and Lambswool. My Rabbit is nearly 14 inches tall from the top of his ears to his feet. He is made of Lambswool with glass eyes. My little darling is as flat at a pancake but adorably cuddly being made for a baby. He has the earliest Norah Wellings label on his foot, not jointed.
Last but not least my favourite buy of the year a gorgeous Norah Wellings 'Cora' Doll from late 1920's to early 1930's. She is such a darling standing 11 inches tall, not including her massive wild hair. She has a felt head with lovely blue glass eyes, velvet fully jointed body with all fingers sewn together. Her felt ears are quite large and they are double thickness . Her lovely brown mohair wig is sewn in strips to her head. Wearing her original cotton two piece sunsuit, sleeveless top and shorts with a cute duck print and her original felt shoes. I do not know her model number,she has the earliest Norah Wellings label.Such a cutie.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new acquisitions. If you have any Norah Wellings you would like to share please email me with photo's and I will add to my Norah Wellings Journal. Always happy to hear from any readers with suggestions for other Norah Wellings articles they would like to see here. Unil Next Month 'Happy Hunting'.

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