Sunday, 24 March 2013

Norah Wellings Novely Animals, 'Towser ' Rabbit and 'Towser' Duck

I had an enquiry from Beth about a dressed rabbit and duck that Norah Wellings made and promised I would write my next article about them so here they are.

Norah Wellings made Towser Rabbit model 150 and Towser Duck model K51 for her 'Novelty Animals' Range. They were made of wool plush  with glass eyes and only their heads were jointed. Towser Duck had felt feet, beak and wings. They both wore velvet dunagrees that were an integrel part of the body with the straps being attached with buttons front and back. I have seen the wool plush in  white, cream, yellow and brown shades with outfits in soft pastels such as pink blue and green and various shades of red, mustard, green,blue and bown. Towser Duck also had a ribbon bow around his neck and sometimes a bell. They were filled with soft kapok.

 Front and back view of two Towser Rabbits, they are 8 inches tall to the top of their ears. They have clear glass eyes and a cream with black writing Norah Wellings on the bottom of the wool plush foot. The buttons on the dungarees are mother of pearl.

 Towser Duck was added to the Norah Wellings catalogue in the early 1930's and he was available in sizes A 6 inches, B7 inches, C 12 inches.D 14 inches and the largest E 17 inches . He seems to have been discontinured in the 1940's and he is harder to find than Towser Rabbit.

These Towser Ducks are the smallest size 6 inches tall. This photo shows front and back view.They have googly black and white glass eyes and cream label with brown writing on the foot.Mother of pearl buttons on their dungarees.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Norah Wellings Towser Rabbits and Ducks and if anyone has any special requests for the next article please email me and I will. do my best.

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