Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Norah Wellings ' Harry The Hawk'.


 One of the most sort after Norah Wellings smaller dolls is 'Harry The Hawk'. He was introduced as a mascot for the Second World War depicting a Royal Airforce Airman and for every sale made money was donated to the R.A.F Comforts Fund to help the War effort. He was available in 7 1/2 and 10 inch sizes. He appears in an American Magazine called Kimport News in their Aug -Sept 1942 edition at a cost of $2.95.  I have not seen him in any of the Norah Wellings catalogues mainly because during the war years they were not produced but he would be classed as one of the Norah Wellings Novelty Dolls and his model number was model 295.

 Although larger dolls are found up to 28 inches wearing the same outfit with mohair wigs I do know if these were made for the R.A.F Comforts Fund but they were produced at around the same time and still from Norah Wellings Novelty Range of dolls with only the head jointed.

The smallest 7 1/2 inch mascot face was made of cotton or stockinette and the 10 inch one felt or stockinette and their features were painted. The uniform was made of either velvet or cotton and was an integral part of the body and he had a fake fur collar around the neck.  He also had a detachable felt helmet, goggles and felt parachute in a felt parachute bag that are often missing on the dolls. They have been found with their Norah Wellings label on the foot or under the collar at the back of the doll. Some of them also carried the original cotton label with a registered  number 837533 and rarer still the original paper label.

'Harry The Hawk' mascots are popular not only with Doll Collectors but also those collecting Militaria so prices can be quite high compared to other smaller Norah Wellings dolls, he was  only produced over the Second World War years so a very good find for the collector today.

The 'Harry The Hawk' pictured  is 10 inches tall . He has a felt face with velvet body and he has his original, goggles, parachute, helmet and original cotton registered label sewn under his collar . He has his Norah Wellings black and gold label sewn under his foot and a rare paper label. He is a lovely example and I hope you have enjoyed reading about him.
Happy Hunting.

A large 28 inch Harry The Hawk from the Norah Wellings Novelty Range,  felt head ,painted features, mohair wig and the outfit is an integral part of his body. Hat, Goggles,  Gloves,Boots and Felt Back Pack with Parachute can be removed.

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  1. Very nice doll,cheeky face.i have the 71/2 inch model,same condition with perfect card label.love your site.martin.