Thursday, 30 May 2013

Norah Wellings Jockey and Horse

 Norah Wellings made so many wonderful and unusual dolls and animals. In this article I decided to show you a Norah Wellings Jockey model 1137 from the Novelty Doll Range and a Norah Wellings Horse model 5135  from the Novelty Animal Range. They were introduced in 1938 and sold separatley as can be seen in the catalogue photographs above.  They do not appear after the war years and are quite hard to find. The Jockey is lovely and bright and stands 9 inches tall, made of velvet including his head with felt ears and hat with some felt strips on his top, silk sash and oil cloth neck collar. His face and hair painted and only his neck jointed. He has the lovely happy smiling face. The Horse standing  7 1/2 inches tall and  9 1/2 inches long , made of wool plush with felt pads and clear glass eyes. His  bridle, reigns and saddle made of felt with metal stirrups.

I was lucky enough to find a a very rare Jockey and Horse used for the Norah Wellings window display at the 1938 British Industry Fair the Jockey is sewn onto the horse with his hands sewn to the reigns. They both have a black Norah Wellings label with gold writing the Jockey has his on the bottom of his boot and the Horse on his felt pad.

A photograph taken of the Norah Wellings Window Display at the 1938 British Industry Fair. I am sorry its not a very good photo but if you look closely it is a very comical scene.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing more of Norah Wellings wonderful products. Until next time Happy Hunting

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