Sunday, 30 June 2013

Norah Wellings Novelty Dolls ' Dutch Girl and Dutch Boy'

In 1935 at the British Industry Toy Fair Norah Wellings introduced her new Dutch Boy and Dutch Girl from her Novelty Dolls Range. The Girl was model K24 and the Boy K25. The catalogue photo in the first picture is the one used to advertise the Dolls. In the catalogue price guide they are just called Dutch Boy and Dutch Girl. They were made in sizes 8 1/2 inches , 13",16" and the Girl also 19 " with the Boy an inch taller at 20 inches. Their faces were painted with eyes either blue or brown looking to the side and they had painted hair and separate ears. The first dolls had felt heads with velvet bodies and their clothing was an integral part of the body with only the head jointed. Later dolls were also made with stockinette heads and smaller dolls did not always have ears.The girl had an organdy hat and apron with a felt scarf  and the boy  had a felt cap and felt scarf.

These dolls were very popular and the Dutch Boy was made right up until the last catalogue in 1958 looking just the same as he did in 1935. The Dutch Girl seems to have been discontinued in the late 1940's early 1950's. It is interesting to see all the different colour combinations, they are always so lovely and bright.

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