Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Norah Wellings Norene Children

Norah Wellings made many Norene Children but not all have the face that you expect to see on a Norene model. I thought I would share with you some from the early 1930's that have passed though my hands and who have I think have the cheekiest expressions with rounder eyes and chin and button noses and do not seem to come a long very often.  It is interesting to note that a model number for a Norene Child Doll is based on the clothing worn and not on the moulding of the face. This means you can find some with the same clothing and model number but with different expressions. Also many of the Norene Children are found wearing National Costumes. I do not have the model numbers  for the ones I have pictured and I believe some have had variations with their clothing from the original owner but I still wanted to share them with you.

Gorgeous  Norene Girl from the 1930's she is 18 inches tall with a felt face and limbs with cotton body. She has painted eyes with separate felt ears. She is wearing a sweet two piece dress and matching pants, all in one cotton teddy underwear with felt shoes and socks.

Lovely Norene Boy. He is pictured in one of the early 1930's British Industry Stands but he is not pictured in the catalogue. Standing 18 inches tall with felt head, limbs and cotton body. He has painted eyes and mohair wig with separate felt ears. He is wearing his original silk shirt with his original velvet short dungaree outfit,cotton pants with socks and oil cloth shoes.

Another Amazing Norene Girl from the 1930's she is 18 inches tall. Head and limbs of felt with cotton body. Painted features with very dark mohair wig, separate felt ears. She wears an organdy party dress with blue ribbon trim and velvet vest. I had to show you a photo of her amazing long stockings with garters she also has a cotton all in one teddy under wear and larger bloomers with lace trim, so cute.  She also wears oil cloth shoes.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these gorgeous children.
Happy Hunting

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