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Largest Norah Wellings 'Norene' Dolls

Gorgeous Largest Size 'Norene' Girl  40 Inches tall dressed as Spanish Lady Model 3110FF.Photograph     Courtesy Linda Wulfestieg

 Photograph from the 1936 Norah Wellings Display at the British Industry Fair showing the largest two 'Norene' Dolls. Girl model 3110FF, 41 inches and Boy Model 3111FF a massive 44 inches.

 Photograph from the 1936 Norah Wellings Catalogue showing 'Norene' Model 3110.

  Photograph from the 1936 Norah Wellings Catalogue showing 'Norene' Model 3111.

Today I thought I would share some photo's of the largest Norah Wellings 'Norene' Dolls made. According to the Norah Wellings price list in 1936 there were only two models of 'Norene' Dolls made in the largest sizes. They were the beautiful girl shown here, model 3110FF standing 41 inches tall in Spanish Outfit and her Male Companion model 3111FF who was 44 inches. They would have been made for shop displays and I have shown a photograph from the 1936 British Industry Fair with these large models on display. How magnificent they would have looked. In 1936 they sold for £7 and 7 shillings each ! The next size down from them were 30 inches tall selling at 50 shillings each.

The largest dolls were made in the  same way as the smaller ones with felt head, arms and legs with cotton body, fully jointed. They had painted features and mohair wigs. The outfits, especially the girls was beautifully made in felt and organdy. I am very grateful to Linda Wulfestieg for allowing me to use the photograph of the large girl.

I am not sure if any other 'Norene' Models were made in the largest size  but Norah Wellings would have made some on Special Commission. I have seen characters such as Peter Pan, Snow White, Witch, Captain Hook and Peter Pan, all 33inches inches tall. If anyone knows of any other 'Norene' larger models of 33 inches and over and would like to share the information or photo's please email me so I can include in my blog.
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