Monday, 23 September 2013

Norah Wellings, 'Norene', Model 825

 A big thank you to Claire Blackwell for sending me this photograph of her wonderful large Norah Wellings 33inch Norene Child model 825. Due to her email I decided to write about this particular model.

 This doll is from the 'Norene' range and was first seen in the early 1930 catalogue but does not appear after 1940.  Norah Wellings only had the model number written on the Norene Range and although many are dressed in National Costume there is no reference to what country or who they represent . This wonderful child ( I say child because it could be a boy or girl ).  I always thought it was a Huntsman / woman.  The outfit  worn is very authentic to what a  Fox Hunter would wear especially for the date he was made when Hunting was very popular. However with todays Fox Hunting being so controversial I think many would prefer this model to be called a Rider. As I have mentioned nothing is written in the Norah Wellings Catalogue or price list for a description of the true title.

Model 825 was made in quite a few sizes, 12 1/2 ", 15 1/2", 19", 22" and 30 inches.  The boy pictured is 33inches and I would suggest he was more likely made as a store model or a special order.  The head and limbs were made of felt and the body cotton , all fully jointed. The face was painted with dark mohair wig and separate applied ears. The outfit consists of  felt cream breeches , felt vest and  jacket with cream cravat around the neck and a felt top hat. The knee high boots were made of oil cloth and a whip in one hand.

 I have only seen this model with the dark hair and the same colour outfit so if anyone had anything different please email me as  I would love to add to my research and adjust here in this article.

 I hope you have enjoyed reading about this wonderful character. Please email if you have any others you would like to share.

Until Next Time,
Happy Hunting.

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