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Norah Wellings 'Babimine' and 'Babymine' Dolls

I have had a couple of emails asking  for information on Norah Wellings 'Babimine' Dolls and Handkerchief Satchets. I will end the year with articles on both of these wonderful Norah Wellings creations.

The  Norah Wellings'Babimine' Baby Dolls were first introduced  in 1927.  They were showcased at the British Industry Toy Fair in 1927 where Norah Wellings first exhibited after leaving Chad Valley and  forming the company with her brother Leonard Wellings 'The Victoria Toy Works' , they also featured in the first catlogue in 1927.

Norah Wellings used her Niece Mabel Wellings ( Leonards older daughter) and a Relative Linda Wallet as a model for these dolls.

The early 'Babimine' Dolls  had  glass eyes . The dolls heads were made of velveteen  that could swivel and the hair was painted . The bodies were also made of velveteen but were not jointed and were stuffed with kapok. The most popular model 107 was slightly different wearing a lambswool all in one outfit that was an integral part of the body with matching hat and muff. Other models were  101 who came wearing a full knitted outfit and model 106 a Woolen Frock but this bay 106 was not made after 1930. All three models came in sizes 11, 14, 18  and 25 inches.

Model 101 and 107 continued in the Norah Wellings range until early 1930.  In 1934 model 101 had been discontinued  and a model looking very similar to model 107 was introduced with the integral body made of mohair and the head made of felt, this was model K90 . Both model 107 and K90 were still being made in the 1936 catalogue. Some of the dolls by this time had painted eyes rather than  glass. In 1938 only the 'Babimine' K90 is shown in the catalogue and still available in 4 sizes but the 25 inch doll was now shown as 26 inches.

I have a catalogue undated but bought out around 1939/1940 where none of the 'Babimine' dolls above are shown, however a series of  fours sets of dolls called 'Babymine' ( y used instead of the i in baby) are shown. These Baby Dolls have been found with  felt  and stockinette heads with painted eyes and hair. I have seen the bodies made in  velveteen,stockinette and cotton, unfortunately no sizes are shown.  I have copied all the photo's from the catalogue so you can see the wonderful sets and what they comprise of. They are not shown in later catalogues that I have.

Norah Wellings did make other Baby Dolls. I have discussed in a previous article the Jolly Toddler Babies. There were also 'Norene' Baby Dolls , 'Biddy' and 'Babsie' and 'Dimples', but I will leave those articles  for another day as they can get quite confusing!

Hope you have enjoyed this article and Happy Hunting!

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