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Norah Wellings Handkerchief Satchets

Norah Wellings Nightdress Cases were very popular in the 1930's  and Norah Wellings also made Handkerchief Satchets a smaller version of the Nightdress Case in some of the models but not all.

The Handkerchief Satchet was listed as being 9 1/2 inches tall  and they were nearly a duplicate copy and  model number of the Nightdress Case it was to represent but with AA after each number.  Some of the outfits vary slightly due to the smaller size so they are not always as elaborate. The earlier Handkerchief Satchets had felt or velveteen heads that would swivel. most of the eyes were painted but I have seen the Mexican and Negress with glass eyes. They wore elaborate outfits mostly representing different National Costume made of Silk, Taffeta, Velvet and Felt. Some wore hats and others had mohair, wool or silk for hair. Their skirts formed the Satchet where you could open the skirt and store your Handkerchiefs and would fasten at the side with press studs to keep the item in place. The Norah Wellings label was either sewn on the foot on  the skirt or even on the back of the body.
The range in 1936 is listed below.

Model  Number    Name  
980 AA                  Negress
981 AA                  Dutch
982 AA                  Eastern Lady
984 AA                  Mexican
985 AA                  Spanish
986 AA                  Italian
996 AA                  Old English
997 AA                  Old English

 It is interesting to note that although  there are 9 different Handkerchief Sachets listed in the 1936 catalogue there were 18 Nightdress Cases in the same catalogue so only half have been made to represent the Nightdress Cases.

Old English, Model 996AA

                                                                Old English Model 997AA

Dutch Model 981AA ( my thanks to Mickie of Yesterdays Toys for allowing me to use this photograph )

 In 1939/40 two other models were introduced 6026 AA  Old English ( child face model ) and 6027 AA Dutch (  child face model).

 By late 1940's all the Handkerchief Satchets from the 1936 catalogue had been discontinued and others had taken their place. I am afraid the later catalogue only mentions the model  numbers not the countries they are to represent  so I have put a question mark next to those I have not been able to identify. Fortunately some have come to me in the past with paper labels and the country stamped on the back of the label. The later Handkerchief Satchets have been found with Felt, Stockinette and sometimes Cotton Heads and arms, all have painted features.

Model Number    Name
6027AA                 Dutch
6045AA                 Mexican
6047AA                 Old English
6048AA                 Italian
6049AA                 Old English ?
6050 AA                Spanish ?

                                                                     Italian Model 6048AA

                                                                     Mexican Model 6045AA


                                              Pages From a 1950's Norah Wellings Catalogue

It does not matter how much Norah Wellings research material I have or how many catalogues there are always models that appear that are not listed or variations that I have not seen before. I do know that I have seen a Teddy Bear and a Trikko the Monkey Handkerchief  Satchets but as yet I do not have a photo of one. I do have photo's of the nightdress cases and you can see them in my earlier articles on nightdress cases on the 30th January 2012 ( listed on the right hand side of page under 'More Articles on Norah Wellings Products' , press on 2012 ). If anyone can help with any other photo's of Handkerchief Satchets or if I come across others I will add them to this article as I get them.

The last photo shows the difference in size of the nightdress case and the Handkerchief Satchet but both models I have not seen in a catalogue. They both belonged to Isobel Nicholls, Norah Wellings niece so they may have been special variations of the 'Old English' model from the late 1940 early 1950's.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any different  photographs of Handkerchief Satchets you have come across and are willing to share so I can add them here then please email me at norahwellingsjournal@gmail.com

Happy Hunting

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