Thursday, 4 June 2015

Copy of Norah Wellings 1936 Catalogue and Supplement

You must have been wondering what on earth I have  been up to as I haven't updated my blog for so long. Amazing that my last article was wishing you all a Merry Christmas,  where does the time go! I am very sorry. 

I have been very busy but at last achieved something I have wanted to do for so very long. I own an original 1936 Norah Wellings Catalogue and have taken it to the printers and had it copied. There are 19 pages / 36 sides showing all the  products available in 1936. The photographs are in colour and black and white. As with most of  Norah Wellings catalogues they only show the photograph and the model number. After some research to help you identify the Norah Wellings products you may own I have listed all the model numbers from this catalogue. Also listed where available are the sizes, materials used and the names given for each of the Novelty Dolls, Animals and Nightdress Cases. Please note Norah Wellings did not individually name the Norene, Jolly Toddler or Jolly Jokers but I have listed the sizes they were made in 1936 and also given a brief description on each Series. Many of the Norah Wellings models shown in this catalogue were made from the mid 1930's right through to the late 1940's and in some cases 1950's. This information will be invaluable to identify some of the Norah Wellings Products, A must for Collectors.

The supplement is printed  on 12 pages of one sided A4 paper, No Prices Are Given. The catalogue was an odd size slightly larger so I had the printers change it to fit on A4 paper and make it easier to use. They were  printed locally with harder card for the front and back cover and with a spiral binding.

Please note this is a copy with All Imperfections and No prices are given. It will be posted in a plastic envelope to keep the Catalogue and Supplement together and then put into a Bubble Lined Envelope. If you would like more information or would like to order one you can email me here at 
They are £25 for the copy and supplement plus  £4.30 tracked  postage in the UK and £10 International with tracking. Postage is at cost and high due to tracking if you do not want tracking please email me as you will need to pay with  a U.K cheque or Iban. 


  1. Can't wait for my copy Gill. Lisa xx

  2. I just bought a doll which looks very like a Norah Wellings, it is an Asian Indian Lady small size, would you know if such a doll was in the range. She has a dark face and hair tied back and is waring a lovely silk sari with bare feet and painte toe nails,