Friday, 9 December 2016

 Norah Wellings Dolls  in the 'Queen Mary' Childrens Playroom 

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 This is a postcard produced for the Cunard White Star Line for the  ' Queen Mary' Maiden Voyage in 1936. It shows the Childrens Playroom. Many Norah Wellings were sold on board Cruiser Ships but this is the first time I have actually seen a photo of a Playroom for the Children showing Norah Wellings Dolls to be played with.  It is amazing how many there are and considering they are cloth dolls how long they would have survived. Sorry the picture is not very good but I have tried to highlight the different models , they are, Norene Old Lady model 893 and Man model 894. Two Norene Dolls in Mexican Outfits,  Girl model 876 and Boy model 885. You can also see a Jollyboy Sailor model 139 playing with a ship and in the foreground looks to be a Norene Boy model 851 with golf clubs.  There is also a Dutch Boy model 854 playing or pushing the organ. All these models were available in the 1936 catalogue and I would expect for sale on board ship This would have been a very good marketing ploy if your Child had been playing with a doll and not wanting to leave it in the Playroom the parent could then go upstairs and buy one. Once again sorry for the poor quality photograph but  I just had to share.

I thought you might like to see the photo's of the dolls from the 1936 catalogue that are shown in the 'Queen Mary' postcard.  The picture of the Golfer is a very like the earlier Cora models. In  1936 there were two Norene Golfers , this one was also seen in earlier catalogues and did not appear in the 1937 catalogue. The other Norene Golfer model 3126 has the slimmer face with heart shape face and appeared up to 1939. I will feature the Golfers in a later article. Always remember various colour combinations than those shown in the catalogues were  also used and sometimes even different materials.  I do hope you enjoy seeing these Wonderful Dolls.

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