Monday, 19 December 2016

                Norah Wellings Fairy Dolls

Christmas is nearly upon us and what better way to add to the Christmas spirit and end the year with Norah Wellings Fairy Dolls. A big thank you to all those who sent me a photo. I do hope you enjoy seeing them and also the catalogue illustration and the photograph from  British Industry Fair.

 Norah Wellings Norene model 3200 from the 1940's Catalogue 

Thank you to Joanna Bess for sharing her gorgeous Fairy Doll model 3200. She has a newer felt sash added to her outfit. She does vary from the catalogue photo but this does happen with certain models when they are produced for a few years. I think she is wonderful .  

 Norah Wellings Dollymine Doll. She does not have wings and may never have had them but she has the similar little dress with satin pants and shoes. She is 9 inches tall and made in the 1940's.

This photograph was taken in 1952 at the  British Industry Fair showing one of the Norah Wellings Display Stands. It shows Fairies and  Elves playing together.

This lovely photograph was taken by Heather Kendall and shows one of the Fairy Dolls shown in the 1952 Norah Wellings Display Stand. I have not seen her in any of the catalogues yet. Standing 9 inches tall. She would be one of Norah Wellings Character Dolls ( known before 1950 as Novelty Dolls).

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings you a Norah Wellings or Two.

I Do Hope 2017 Will Be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous.

Very Best Wishes

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