Thursday, 1 December 2016

 Norah Wellings Talk 19th November 2016.

I must start by saying a big Thank You to all those who came to my talk. It was wonderful to meet so many Norah Wellings Enthusiasts. For those who couldn't make it  please keep watching my blog as I will be sharing lots of what I talked about and Norah Wellings Dolls and Soft Toys here.

I have spoken on Norah Wellings before and usually my talk takes around 50 minutes but this time I wanted to try something different. I did a power point presentation for 25 minutes and Show and Tell for 25 minutes. I took lots of Norah Wellings Items for everyone to see and if anyone wanted to share their items they could. A few weeks before my talk The Doll Club of Great Britain bought out their 60th Anniversary edition of the their magazine The Plangon. A talk that I gave them 3 years ago was featured in the Magazine which was only available to Doll Club Members. I was very kindly given permission to copy the article written by their Editor to hand out at my talk, this way nobody missed out on any information.

I was very pleased that Thomas Plant from Special Auction Services introduced me for my talk. I asked everyone to put their name on a piece of paper and  at the end of my talk Thomas very kindly took out a name from a bag and I gave the winner a copy of my book ' Norah Wellings Cloth Dolls and Soft Toys',  now out of print and a small Norah Wellings Novelty English Policeman Doll ( I thought this appropriate as the Talk was in London). The person who won was very excited as they hadn't won anything before. I was very pleased about this, it sounded very familiar to me as I won a Norah Wellings in 1974 who started off my Collection. ( I haven't shared any names due to not having asked permission).

Please keep checking back as I have lots of articles to share with you and I am always happy to hear from you if you have any questions. You need to write to my email 

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