Monday, 22 January 2018

Rare Norah Wellings Goblin Dolls

Happy New Year Everyone.

I thought I would start the year with these fabulous Very Rare  Special Order Goblin Dolls by Norah Wellings. I purchased one of them many years ago on ebay and the under bidder who collected Goblin items said she thought it may have been made for Goblin, a Company that made electric products and probably for the Teasmade ( electric tea maker). I could not find him in any of my research or catalogues and thought the information might be correct. You can imagine how excited I was to be offered another Goblin and this time from the Niece of the Original Owner and she was able to give me more information.  Her Aunt worked for the  Goblin Company and Goblin had a stand at the 1939  Ideal Home Exhibition , these dolls were used as a promotion. Not only that but the two staff including her Aunt had to wear Goblin Outfits while demonstrating Goblin Vacum Cleaners to potential customers  ! Makes me smile as I can just picture them ! As you can see one of the Goblins has  the original paper tag from the exhibition. I am so pleased I am able to share this with you. It is not often we see Special Order  Dolls by Norah Wellings  made for a Company and here are two of them. The Goblins

Made in a similar style to the Norah Wellings Pixie Dolls. These Goblins are both 9 inches tall, heads and hands made of felt with painted features.  The body is an integral part of the clothing and they have felt shoes , hands and felt hats. Both have white Norah Wellings labels under their shoes with brown writing.The one with the original paper label belonged to the Aunt who worked at Goblin

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  1. Wow! I hope someday I will find one of the goblins!